March 27-31

The biggest thing for us over the past week was celebrating being together for 20 years! I felt so happy on 27/3, which marked 20 years to the day since we met as teenagers at a rowing party. And it makes me feel kind of old too…


27/3: we won the Easter raffle at the kids’ school!
28/3: I love it when the children play together so perfectly
29/3: I finished my crochet blanket!
30/3: we had friends over for a lovely lunch. Monte and I also went out for the night to celebrate being together for 20 years!!
31/3: we had a lovely lunch, Easter egg hunt, explore and bonfire with our lovely friends – such a great Easter!

It’s usually the holidays, like Easter and Christmas, as well as birthdays, when we feel the sting of being away from our friends and family back in Adelaide. Filling the days with visiting friends and other family fun stuff helps us forget about things that make us feel sad. I remind myself that moving here is all part of the dream that we have shared for so long.