Home sweet Home

Albeit in tears, we left our friends and family in Adelaide – again – to return to our idyllic little property, where it is still wet and cool as if early Spring. It was nice to come home, but I was distressed about all the goodbyes, particularly those said to my nanna. I miss her so much. Thankfully the flight back home was a good one, although all but one of our flights over the past year have been pleasant. Matthew looks so tiny in his seat!

Highlights of our trip are many, but one that comes to mind is the day we spent at the Zoo with Monte’s parents, my mum and my dear friend Amanda and her daughter, Frances. It was a big party and we did in fact get separated for some time, but were reunited in the Children’s Zoo for lunch. We had a fantastic day. My favourite exhibit was the flamingo. They are statuesque and sublime. The big cats were sad to see, confined as they are in a small area. I enjoyed watching the Tiger too. Overall it was a wonderful day and we are grateful to Maxine and Gordon, who took us to the zoo as part of Monte’s birthday present!


At the Children’s Zoo

Another highlight for us was the day we spent at Aldinga beach with the Mattingleys. It was Monte’s birthday (new years eve) and we had lunch at the beautiful beach with Monte’s parents and their dear friends, the Mattingleys. We all got sunburnt – particularly yours truly, who thought sunscreen was not necessary (and when I did decide to put it on, I was distracted by a small boy who kept running away!). There’s no excuse for my silliness, but it was a wonderful day, which was followed by a birthday afternoon tea at my parents’s house, and then a movie and a burger overlooking the lights of Adelaide.


Monte and his parents on his birthday at Aldinga

More highlights include Boxing Day, when Monte went fishing with Wayne, and Amanda and I hung out with our children, who played beautifully all day. The weather was gorgeous. Another highlight is the leisurely afternoon we spent with the Wrights. Again, food and drink to be had throughout, and lots of conversation to boot! How we miss our dear friends!

I loved seeing my family again, especially meeting my new niece and seeing my pregnant sister! It was hard saying goodbye, but we had some lovely times!


An over-emotional (and sunburnt) me with my daughter and my parents

Our biggest thanks go to Maxine and Gordon, who had us to stay throughout our holiday! Although we could’ve stayed in my nanna’s house, Monte particularly loved spending the time with his parents. It was lovely to be so relaxed, and to see the children continue building relationships with the grandparents made us all so happy!

I am pleased that Matty now goes to his grandparents and Amanda for cuddles. He loves them all and it makes me happy because it proves that even though we live interstate, the children have strong bonds with the ones we love the most, who we left behind. I know this can be true because I lived interstate from my extended family, and I still was able to build wonderful relationships with my grandparents.

Back home, things are very busy already. We arrived home on Saturday, to happy pets, thanks to the Steenholdts, who also had us all over for a delicious BBQ the following night! Since Monday, lots of things have been happening at the house site. All the materials to make the slab have arrived, and Monte is busy building the boxwork so the concrete can be poured. The waffle pods have arrived and are stacked like some form of modern art. They have to be tied down firmly because it has been so windy and we don’t want them to blow all over the property! Our water tanks are here, albeit in the wrong place for now. They are huge!


Georgia and Matty with the water tanks (temporary location)

Furthermore, we have a Lucas Mill on the property now, and Monte and Ady have been busy milling the timber for our frame. Yes! The first house post has been milled and there are many more to follow! Yay!


Ady and Monte milling some timber

Things are happening now and I can see a house at the end of the tunnel! I am happy to live in the cabin for one more year. Then I want to move into my new home – in whatever state it comes in. Well, that might be presumptuous of me, so I will not confine myself to those limits. However, I am excited that it might be possible to spend next Christmas in my new house (even if only partially complete). Not that the cabin is too bad. As Monte implored of me, I must make do.

I was querying why the old houses are smaller, yet people had bigger families back then. Monte said that people were prepared to make do with what they had. So here am I, making do with a small little cabin and a caravan for a bedroom. I’m not quite sure what has happened to our culture to make us think we need so many things, to make us less tolerant of ‘making do.’ Actually, I do know the answer – the corporations that advertise make us think we need enormous televisions and game consoles and huge fridges. It was more obvious to me, as we were in Adelaide, that people are definitely obsessed with stuff! So much shopping, as if it is just something to do! I think all of us would feel better if we made do with less, and spent more hours gardening and walking and playing with the God-given wonders of the outdoors. I shudder to think of what this consumerism and materialism and greed is doing for our children. I know, for a fact, that last year, as I began to make-do with less, I was the happiest that I have ever been.

Prayers and blessings, for they mean much.