A day in the forest

On Friday I felt rather low, being rather claustrophobic and lonely. Monte, being the great man he is, would not put up with my crap, and insisted that we all took a walk into the forest to look for the creek. I agreed, not reluctantly, and I felt so much better afterwards that I wanted to do it again (after I have recovered, of course!).


We walked across a few acres of pasture and stopped by some blackberry bushes, where we gorged ourselves and collected more berries for the journey. It was so much fun picking all the berries, and if we really wanted to, we could harvest a gazillion of them to make all sorts of goodies to eat and maybe even to sell.

Georgia and me picking berries

We then spent a few hours hiking in the forest. We were constantly amazed by the beautiful thing that we own. d’Art was kept busy chasing God-knows what around the braken and wot-not. Lucy got tired pretty quickly so I just ‘had’ to carry her. Georgia was an excellent hiker, and we are so proud that she is tough, with great fitness and stamina.

Monte and the kids in the forest

I just had to carry Lucy; she’s just a puppy afterall ;)

Overall it was an enlightening experience. We did not find the creek that we were searching for, but that just means we’ll have to have another family adventure on our farm another day!