It was a bright sunny day yesterday, which was beautiful. But of course it meant that we were in for a frost the next day. Sure enough, this morning has been frosty! It is so cold! But golly it is so beautiful. I drove Georgia to childcare and I am still in awe of the […]

Chicken Dinner

Recently we acquired some new birds: 2 roosters and 5 new hens. Monte built a chookhouse for the new hens and one of the roosters. But we still had one rooster too many! You might remember the story about the rooster who heard that he was going to be our dinner, and he ran away? […]

First Frost

 Geeveston and our property, covered in frost On the morning that we were scheduled to depart from Geeveston for our secret surprise trip to Adelaide, we experienced our first frost. The scene in the above picture shows the white/grey frost that covered everything in sight. Our animals’ water was frozen. Our pipes were frozen and […]

My new washing machine (LOL)

If you are one of my ardent blog readers (lucky you) you probably already know about my washing machine saga! I’ll tell it again anyway. I gave away my fabulous washing machine to some wonderful lovely friends before we left Adelaide. Possibly a poor move, but I am sure Jules and Andrew are enjoying being […]


This week has been quite normal. So, what is a normal week at Fangorn? We rested on Monday. Monte worked. We did jobs around the house and I was pretty put out that Mothers Day only comes once a year, and I had to do the dishes. Georgia went to school on Tuesday and Matty […]

Mothers Day

I had a wonderful mothers day. My family spoiled me in the morning with presents and breakfast in bed, and Monte didn’t let me do anything! He even did the dishes!We went for a lovely drive and had a picnic at Kettering, which is where the ferry leaves for Bruny Island (we decided not to […]

Posts and Utes and Amazing Friends

Pulling out posts with ute and brute Some people who know me (especially the ones in Adelaide) might be surprised to see me revving the guts out of the ute in an attempt to pull posts out of the ground. My wonderful big spunky husband is at the post, ensuring that the heavy-duty wire sling […]


Well I am feeling a bit sore from chopping firewood. I am determined not to be stranded in the cold if Monte has to go out, and why should I not chop wood? Today we drove the truck up to the top of our property and whilst the children and dogs played (d’Art disappearing into […]