Stay tuned!

Stay tuned!

I mentioned in a post somewhere that there are some exciting things heading our way soon. Stay tuned. Watch this space. Something exciting is going to happen at Fangorn Farm! It has something to do with all the fencing going on. Anyone brave enough to guess what’s happening?



A gorgeous creature! On looking out of the window last week, I noticed a stocky creature waddling across our front yard. [Okay, insert joke about waddling pregnant woman here. No, it was not me.] At first I thought it was a wombat. A small wombat out during the day nonetheless. On closer inspection, as I […]


For all our pleasure at not noticing even one snake on our property this summer, I was rudely surprised when I saw one in our bathroom, of all places! A young, foot-long tiger snake, no thicker than my finger, was slithering behind the bath yesterday. At first I thought it was a skink, as several […]

Matty's return to childcare. Exciting!

Four additions

It’s great having power at the house now. We can listen to music and plug in lights, not to mention all the power tools that can be powered up without the noisy generator hogging the airspace! We are delighted with the return of our goats, Anna and Giddy, who have been holidaying at Craige and […]

Georgia and Lucy win pet parade at Middleton, 2008

R.I.P Lucy

Unfortunately I am reporting that our little Lucy has passed away, at the young age of two. Lucy loved chasing cars and we always knew she’d go that way, but that does not soften the blow of her passing. Listening to my daughter cry all night was heartbreaking. Our lovely 10-year-old kelpie, d’Artagnan, is also […]

Animal Farm

Again, lots has been happening at Fangorn Farm. I am managing to type this blog with a little boy at my side, who is entertaining himself by counting as I type (he can only count to ten, so this is getting a bit monotonous!). It’s early for a Saturday. Georgia is still sleeping; we were […]