2017 Goals!

It has become my habit to set myself goals for each year. 

Firstly, I’ll look over how I went with my goals for 2016:

I set a goal to grow more food. Although we started the year well, with plenty of fruit, vegetables and meat, we haven’t put much effort into food growing lately. The perennial stuff is thriving! 

I set a goal to make more stuff. I failed. I didn’t even complete 366 days of my sqaure-a-day crochet project. 

I wanted to give myself some TLC. I lost 22 kilos and worked on my fitness. I feel good! 

I wanted to make more and buy less, but I failed. I’d say I’ve been buying a lot, especially clothes, because my size changed and I went back to work… so maybe that’s ok. 

So: Goals for 2017. When setting goals, I like to think of a few categories that I can focus on. When I set a big goal, I’ve got to have a range of smaller ‘smart’ goals within that goal. For example, last year I focussed on farm/garden, craft, me, money. I think my focus is pretty much the same, although the smart goals will be different. 

1) house: build the extension and at least get started on the kitchen renovation 

2) buy purposefully and thoughtfully, and as little as possible. I’d like to set myself a challenge to buy nothing but food and essential supplies. I wonder how long I can do that for? 

3) lose 5 kilos and build my strength and fitness 

4) dabble in bullet journaling and be organised

5) spend at least an hour in the garden every weekend and grow at least one more perennial this year 

6) rebuild my craft mojo and finish my square a day blanket. Make one thing each month and blog about it on naigeemakes.com

7) get rid of more clothes and toys and anything else we don’t need, use or want. 

8) blog more! 

With my goals, I’ll make step-by-step short term goals to break things down and make things more easy for me to achieve. For example, I’ll set up a program to achieve the fitness I want; I’ll plan craft projects; I’ll list the procedure of getting the building done; I’ll brainstorm topics about which to write about on my blog. 

Do you set goals, or make New Years resolutions? How do you monitor your successes? 

Happy new year. Love and bless. X