Eleven Months

Well, the monthly photo with Trigg bear is getting more and more difficult each month! There’s too much to do to spend time lying down next to that little bear (the same bear who seemed enormous the day he arrived at our home – the same day Sarah came home from hospital)!

Sarah is 11kg and wears size 0/1. She eats anything, but especially loves pear, avocado, bananas, cheese and sausage. I’m still feeding her a lot. Like, 8-10 times in 24 hours. She just really wants the comfort. Sarah has 8 teeth, most of which have all erupted around the same time. Teething has not been easy for Sarah. Or us for that matter, but perhaps the worst of it is over now. 

She crawls fast. I love it when babies crawl really quickly, shaking their heads. She is close to walking now, standing on her own more and more, learning about balance. She will walk along with her toy, or if we hold her hand. And she cruises around the furniture quickly these days. She’s now doing that adorable thing that babies do: passing their toys to you in the ‘ta’ game. She loves doing that; it always makes her giggle. 

She’s my little kitchen ‘helper.’ I give her some plastic pots and some wooden spoons and she’s happy to play on the floor for a while, whilst I cook… until the kitchen drawers start looking more interesting!

I’m finding a bit more freedom these days. I plop her in the stroller so I can go outside and do some gardening. She loves the outdoors and just watches the animals and whatever is going on. Sometimes I put her on the grass and she loves that, but with so many animals (poo) around, I don’t do that very often. She’s still not a good sleeper, but I can rock her to sleep in her pram and smetimes get a few hours to myself to get some jobs done. It’s a real achievement if I get to drink a cup of tea while it’s still hot these days! Haha. 

She’s so smily and communicative. She claps and waves. She has started to point at things she wants. She says hi! She says Mumma, dadda, wow and no. She will shake her head ‘no’ when she doesn’t like or want something. 

It’s incredible how much children develop in a year. To think that just 11 months ago she was a tiny 3.1kg newborn. She is absolutely delightful and I cannot express how grateful we are to have her!  

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  1. Rachel
    Rachel October 28, 2015 at 8:11 pm |

    She’s very lovely. She weighs more than my Emilie who is 2 and 3 months. hehe

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