Goals: revisited


The beautiful Swansea, east coast of Tasmania

Back in January I wrote this post about my goals for the year. I have been remembering these goals throughout the year, so I thought I’d do a re-cap about them to show you how crap I am at sticking to them.

Decluttering: I am gradually going through everything, every cupboard, every drawer, finding things to get rid of. I am not good at making trips to the op shop so boxes of stuff tend to sit around for a while. I am not good at decluttering kids’ toys and I am hopeless at decluttering my craft cupboards, but I am slowly getting there. My short term goal is to take everything out of my ensuite cupboard, throw old stuff away and only put back items that we use, making room for towel storage in the cupboard. Yes! How exciting. Making the time for this job, as well as the motivation, is goal itself.

Don’t buy stuff: ha ha ha! Fail! I buy stuff online and I’m all ready for Christmas. I buy too much. But I’m not too bad really, because I usually only buy what we need. Usually (ahem).

Make stuff: yes! I am making a lot of stuff, or at least I am making whatever I can fit in to my day. I’m bursting to make some clothes for Sarah, but it can be difficult to fit sewing into my day. I’ve been selling some crochet items that I make, which makes me feel good about what I’m doing!

My other goals: get fit again (ask me later); increase our quality family time (yes, I think so); work in the garden more (yes!); expand my yarn skills; (yes! Tunisian crochet is a new favourite of mine) write more (no) and try more recipes (yes!). I’d also really like to go somewhere in Tasmania I’ve never been (yes! We had a beautiful holiday in the lovely Swansea in July).

So, there it is. Ten months into the year and I’m almost where I was hoping to be, and I’m pretty happy with that

Do you set yourself goals? Are you good at achieving them?