Four Months

Yay! Sarah is four months old and what a sweetheart she is!


She’s 63cm long and 7.5kg. 

To put her growth into perspective, here she is at one week old, measuring 51cm and weighing 3.1kg:


  And now:


She’s such a happy baby! She smiles so much. She goos and gaas and loves attention. She loves her siblings, and she beams at them whenever they come near her. I love the way she chuckles as she’s falling asleep. 


Her eyes are still blue and her hair has a tinge of strawberry to it (a tinge of ginge, as Tim Minchin says). I think her hair might end up being quite auburn. 

She has had problems with reflux but since starting to give her five cereal about 10 days ago, her spewing has subsided a fair bit (which is why I started to give it to her in the first place). She does still get tummy pains sometimes so her medicine (Zantac) is useful. She is enjoying her cereal and is eating it well. We’ll probably start her on other foods in about a month. She certainly enjoys sitting up at the table with us for dinner now! It also makes things easier for us. 



And little Sarah is a good sleeper! Although day time sleeps can be a bit hit or miss, she sleeps well at night. She either sleeps through for 8 hours or 6. Either way it means that I get a decent sleep (unless I stay up late for some ‘me’ time or can’t sleep for some reason!). And sleep is good. Sleep is great! We have been so lucky to have babies who have been good sleepers. Sarah’s a much lighter sleeper than the others though, which isn’t so good in such a busy and noisy house!


And can I tell you something? There is *not* a bit of me that wants to be pregnant or have another baby ever again. I have achieved something I didn’t think was possible. I feel complete. I feel like my family is complete. I don’t even think I will miss the baby stage. I feel ready to take on the next part of our lives. I’ve spent most of the past 12 years pregnant and breastfeeding and I’m proud of that. I’m happy with that.