September Crafting

Another month has sped by! This year is going quickly. I thought it would drag, but it’s not. Days, weeks, months are going so quickly. Is it because I’m happy? Busy? Having fun?

Having fun. This currently equates to lots of crafting. I’m immersing myself in craft. It has been so healing for me. And it is so therapeutically relaxing for me to do during pregnancy. I’ve always created lots during pregnancy but this time my crafts are not centred around baby. I’m knitting blankets for the children for Christmas (and am very much behind!).

I take my knitting to swimming each week

I’ve been working on making dolls for Uthando. The Uthando project gives dolls to the impoverished children in Kwa-Zulu Natal. I love working on these dolls. It started when I volunteered at the kids’ school. The students were making dolls and I helped. Georgia brought hers home and we worked on it together and I’ve currently got nearly 10 dolls to work on these holidays. If you’d like to find out how you can help please email me or leave a comment on this post.

Georgia’s doll

More of the doll. Isn’t she cute!

Another thing I’m doing at the kids’ school us helping to make knitted blankets for eldercare. During term 2 I volunteered on Fridays to help the students in Georgia’s class knit squares. They learned quickly and came to love knitting! I loved helping out. This term we gave started sewing the squares together into blankets. I love it when the students learn something new and get all happy and proud about it. Fir example, learning to cast off in knitting, or learning how to sew squares together.

knitted squares made by students and volunteers

I’ve been crocheting a lot. Trying new patterns, stitches and techniques. I’m happy with a hook in my hands. It’s hard to explain. I guess we all have something we love to do. I think it’s important to have a creative outlet that gives us joy, peace and a sense of self. What is your creative passion?

some of my crochet

I’ve got a thing for crocheting in the round. And doilies!

I’ve been working on making shields and liners for Days for Girls. The charity gives hygiene kits to girls in poor countries. The hygiene kits mean that the girls can attend work and school even when they have their period.

Elora helping to make the shields

I’ve been teaching the girls some new crafts too. Georgia is learning to crochet. She us already very good! She’s making a granny square blanket. I am trying to teach Elora how to knit. She is so keen but it’s taking a while. She will get there though. She always perseveres! The other week I sat with the girls on a Sunday afternoon. I showed them a few simple embroidery stitches and they started work on some embroidery. We had the must beautiful time together. I am grateful that I have daughters who are interested in sewing! It was a precious day.

Elora stitching

Cuddles whilst stitching. I love this photo!

So, there has been lots of creating this month. The best thing I’m creating is our baby though! Our family is excited!