September Garden Joys

I’m not blogging much. I keep thinking of things that might make an interesting blog post but then life, or exhaustion, gets in the way!

daffodils everywhere!

We are getting so much joy from the garden! Things are just blooming! We have a lot of apricot blossom this year, so we are hoping for a lot of fruit! Apricots are my favourite fruit. Monte recently planted a small apricot orchard down the hill, in the swale of the new dam by the forest (I know, there’s so much happening here and I haven’t been writing about it). I can’t wait to eat hot stewed apricots with icecream; and apricot jam; and fresh apricots! So fingers crossed!

apricot blossoms

We’re also getting quite a few peach blossoms. Last year we grew a few peaches; this year we are hopeful for much more! The pink blossoms are so pretty. Looking out the windows of my house to pretty blossoms makes my heart happy.

peach blossoms

There are daffodils everywhere. Each year monte collects daffodils bulbs from the cabin area and brings them back for me to plant near our house. This weekend I planted 20 daffodil bulbs in the back garden. I love daffodils because they start blooming at the end of winter/beginning of spring and, for me, they bring a bit of promise that better weather and better days are to come.


I won’t go on too much about the garden, but it’s hard because so much is happening in it! In the front garden, we are constantly serenaded by the sounds of frogs (breeding in the pond!), birds and bees. We are seeing pretty plants thriving: lavender, azalea, fuchsias, sage, rosemary, lemon balm, grevillea, daisies, daphne, cherries etc.

remarkable fuschias

daphne, smelling divine!

In the back garden, which was landscaped afresh in autumn, lush new grass is growing rapidly. Broad beans, strawberries and garlic are planted in the bed at the back, along with new daphne plants, agapanthus and about ten various fruit trees. And my new daffodils. Yes. A lot happening!

In the picture below you can see the broad beans and garlic. Amongst them are some daphnes and agapanthus. There is a large rock placed in a keyhole path. This rock is near where d’Art us buried. It’s where she liked to sit and look over the valley. It’s a really special place to sit quietly and enjoy the view and the sound of bees doing their job in the garden. If you’re lucky you’ll spot a pair of wedge-tailed eagles soaring above!

a view of the back yard

In the polytunnel, another new addition this autumn, Monte is busily propagating a range of plants. We are growing tomatoes, avocado and tamarillo in there, as well as a few water plants in the pond. Monte has been meaning to post about the polytunnel for quite a while. It’s quite wonderful in there! We have frogs in there too!

Monte’s propagating bench

inside the polytunnel (the pond is by the garden bench)

So, a lot is happening in the garden! I love this time of year. I always feel like I’m shedding my winter coat (literally and metaphorically). To me it’s like I’m getting a fresh start, and for this year, that feels even more amazing!