Awesome pyjama party

We’re doing our best to make life fun for the children. Making as many moments to laugh together and enjoy each other as we can. It’s good for all of us.

One of the most recent fun things was Friday’s pyjama party. It was organised by Matthew. It started at 5pm. We all had to be in our jarmies, seated at the table to eat party food (selected by the kids).


We ate, joked, laughed.




We played party games – pin the nose on the clown and ‘shoot the alien’ (invented by Matthew). Fun!

Then we watched a movie (‘Cloudy with a chance if meatballs 2’).

And when the little ones fell asleep (and indeed they went to sleep very well), Georgia stayed up late with us to watch ‘Hunger Games.’


So, I’m thinking, we’re going through some tough stuff as a family right now, missing little Charlotte, but we all love each other so much that we can still find joy and laughter. And that’s got to be good for our healing.

Thanks kiddos, for a great party! Let’s do it again soon!