Those moments

daffodils sourced from the side of our road

Every now and then I have that warm fuzzy feeling that my world is spinning around just perfectly. You know – when you feel organised; you’ve cleaned the house; there are fresh flowers on the table; you have a plan for dinner; the sun is shining and the children are happy – and you just feel good?

I had that feeling today. I’m over another bug I caught, which left me feeling zonked and unmotivated and just plain dreadful. So today, when I had the energy and mood and motivation to play and clean and be myself again, it made me feel so good. Much better than being stuck in bed. Much better than feeling guilty about being stuck in bed.

Dinner was organised: chicken wraps, and the salads had been made and all that was left to do was cook the chicken and heat the wraps. I was boiling eggs on the stove for school lunches. The fire was actually going really well because I had been able to keep on top of it all day. My domestic duties were well and truly under control, making me feel (sadly) like iron woman.

More importantly, the children were so happy doing their own thing. Whilst they did their own thing I could do my own thing, which was sit on the sofa, sip my drink of water and watch them. And take photos, because I felt so grateful.

Elora was sitting at her table in the play corner, practising her snipping and doing some drawing. She was also watching Play School, a show that I think is really great. It didn’t bother me very much that she had been changing her clothes all day, alternating between a pink tutu and her blue jarmies.


Matthew was at the kitchen bench, designing a drawing of an animal superhero form of himself, complete with super powers. He was talking about his drawing the entire time, from the planning stage to the final details and colouring-in stage.



And Georgia… Sweet Georgia sat at her desk in her room working on her story, which is about a girl living in 1892 who wants to be a writer, not marry a wealthy barrister as her parents wish her to. It makes me so happy that she loves reading and writing so much. It also makes me so happy that she adores classical and historical fiction SO much!


Before we all gathered at the table together, the children worked together to make a movie. They each had characters and shared the filming duties and chatted about their movie together, even Elora. I got to sit down and watch them because monte cooked the chicken for tea. It was really fun to be involved in their creativity and play together, and the baby was kicking, so I felt a bit like all my babies were playing together, and that made me feel so happy. And then, after dinner, they all went to bed so easily…. well, Georgia stayed up reading for a bit too long, but it has truly been a wonderful afternoon/evening.

Ummm…. I do get a bit emotional during pregnancy. Most likely, today was quite a normal day, but in my post-sickness hormonal mood, it just seemed awesome.