I have been a bit sad about it being the last week of school holidays. It has been so good to be able to take our time with things and do so many of the things we enjoy. Nevertheless, school will resume and our holidays come to an end and I am looking forward to another busy and exciting and challenging year. It’s just that the years go so fast.


1. (28/1) the children played perfectly together as Monte and I were busy shuffling books and furniture around the house. We are always so grateful that they are all the best of mates.
2. (29/1) we went to a birthday party in the park
3. (30/1) our new steers, Bangers and Mash arrived
4. (31/1) I gave Elora’s fringe a much needed trim
5. (1/2) I opened this package from my nana. The last gift. A beautiful pillow case.
6. (2/2) date night! Celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary
7. (3/2) some evening art journalling with my gorgeous Georgie.