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  1. Serge
    Serge January 23, 2013 at 10:19 pm |

    Hi Monte,
    You might have heard of me through Mike (Stasse). I live in Gympie trying to follow the self-sustainable path.
    I have been watching your blog on & off over the years.
    I think I got a link to it from roeoz, or maybe Mike’s blog.
    Mike has been reving about going to Tassie for while and I must admit the weather we’ve been having over here recently has me pondering if we should not consider moving South as well.
    So we are planning a 1 week visit to Tassie between the 16th & 23rd of February. I was hoping we could come and see you and your setup and get some local knowledge of your area.
    Also do you know of anyone locally where we could stay 1 or 2 nights locally (willing to pay for the privilege), I am not a fan of the B&B / motel scene.


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