January 7-13


1: (7/1) after some consecutive days of Elora being successful with her toilet training, we sent the change table down to the shed down the hill. Since then, Elora has been asking for it, and whining about daddy taking her change table down the hill.
2: (8/1) some quiet, brotherly loving Lego building after dinner
3: (9/1) I baked a cake for some special guests, from Melbourne. I hadn’t seen TKL for twenty years! It was wonderful.
4: (10/1) using some very pretty plates for some lovely afternoon tea guests: some ladies from our church in Adelaide!
5: (11/1) whilst Georgie was at a sleepover and Monte and Matthew were at the cricket, little Ella and I had some lovely mother-daughter time, including lots of cuddles and a simple tea.
6: (12/1) a new rug for Ella’s room. And she played on it practically all day!
7: (13/1) an evening stroll out to chat with Bessie and Bella. Bella is becoming gentler, especially after I reduced the amount of cow pellets she was having. I love my girls. Bessie is just so sweet and cute and gentle. (No Mr T? That’s another story…)