Hello 2013


I am not going to set myself too many goals for this year. I feel like I am entering the new year quite peacefully, being gentle with myself and trying not to expect too much from myself. I am beginning this new year extremely tired. 2012 was so busy and our Christmas and our holiday were so busy and I am still recovering.

**This year I need to have the house completed because we are talking of an extension and the more we talk about it the more I want it! Paving and painting is next on the list.

**I would love to continue to grow the garden and nurture our plants. We hope to build a polytunnel so we can grow more food during those long, dark, cold winter months.

**I will be working in support education this year, and I am excited about this because it is an area that I have been working in for several years. It is an interesting and challenging role and because I am working part time, it is a more flexible role as well.

**I need to keep myself healthy this year, making sure I keep eating well and I need to be a bit more regimented with my exercise ‘program.’ I have kept those extra kilos off for a while now and I do not want them back. Ever.

**I vow not to buy yarn in any form and I will attempt to not buy fabric! I have so much of these stashed away. Instead, I hope to craft my supplies into homewares, clothes, accessories, toys and gifts. I figure this will be the best way to reduce my stash. If I can’t use my stash to create things I have to purge my supplies.

**Cull. Purge. I would very much like to get rid of anything that we have not used much in the last year or more. I tend to hold onto things a bit too much and it just creates clutter. I find it hard to get rid of stuff, especially baby things and things that hold so many memories but I am learning that it is not the actual ‘thing’ that matters at all. I won’t lose the memories just because I get rid of the thing. Or so I try to tell myself.

**Monte gave me a DSLR for Christmas. I have waited so long for one of these and I plan to learn to use it well. I love taking photos and I hope to take my skill to the next level. Whatever that may mean. We are currently investigating digital storage options for all my photos. I also need to learn to cull my photos!

**This year we hope to go camping and fishing and kayaking and adventuring even more.

**This year Monte and I will celebrate 20 years of being together!

**This year Monte and I will be leaving our children in the care of my parents and we will venture off to Paris, London and Edinburgh. I am nervous and excited. Mostly very very excited!

Happy new year to you! Do you have any goals? Do share!