1/1/13 – 6/1/13


6/1/13: she is growing up quickly, keeping me busy and entertained. The flower is not from my garden; I bought it and she snapped it from the bunch that I was keeping on the coffee table. I was cross at first, but we put it in this beautiful vase that belonged to Monte’s paternal grandmother, given to me for Christmas. I adore it. Ellie talked about the flower, the pink flower and the water and the leaves and the pink vase. This was my favourite moment of the day because today I felt tired and cranky and was busy cleaning the house – this moment with my little daughter was beautiful in its simplicity and it reminded me to literally stop and smell the lilies, and to cherish my baby with all my heart.


5/1/13:I went out to the kids’ cubby house, to be met by these two baby swallows, perching on the floor. I knew that the swallows had nested in the cubby house (a big mess to be cleaned up when they are done!) but I was surprised to see them here like this; perhaps they will fly away soon!


4/1/12: I grew these lovely lilies in my garden.

Also, it felt good to do lots of sorting and get our living room back to ‘normal.’


3/1/13: it felt so good to pick fresh food for our lunch today. This is the first zucchini for the season!


2/1/13: we come home to our lovely home on the hill, to our happy animals and two new baby chickens!

1/1/13: Monte celebrated his birthday with his family over lunch
We spent the evening with the Turner family for one last hurrah – my brother Alex caught and cooked this snapper.