This time last year… and a promise!

Last November, I came home from work one very happy lady. The windows had been installed in our house! It was so exciting. I remember likening to the feeling of finding out I was pregnant or something: exciting exciting exciting! Lock up! That was, like, amazing!


A very happy Monte and BJ

It has been very easy to take all this for granted now that I can sit in my beautiful lounge room and feel normal again. Looking back on the year’s worth of photos is a stern reminder of all the blood, sweat and tears, not to mention long days, sleepless nights, heated discussions, cuddles and laughter, that have gone into this straw house on the hill.

We’re pretty adventurous to leave everybody and everything and move to this little island called Tasmania, to live in a box for over two years, with no electricity bar that given by the sun, to build a house made of straw ourselves (mostly Monte). Now that we are in the house, the rest of the adventure follows. We are rekindling the flame that is the dream.

And I am going to write a book about it, thanks to all the readers who have encouraged and suggested it. Please continue to encourage me (us). There is going to be more blood, sweat, tears etc to come and your support means the world.

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  1. Rachel Pillar
    Rachel Pillar November 22, 2010 at 10:45 pm |

    WOOHOOO!!!! I bags first copy, signed etc etc…..SOOO pumped! It’s gonna sit in my lounge and its gonna inspire me like your blog does regularly!
    p.s You’ve also inspired me to learn to crochet. May I please email you a pattern for some help with a couple of bits I don’t understand?

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