Vege garden and a fence

We built a pest-proof fence around our vege garden on the weekend. Except it doesn’t hold the bloody goats out (that’s another story)!

digging a hole for the fence and gate post

the fence

We have planted all sorts of things: peas, beans, silverbeet, radish, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes, basil – and there’s more to go in, including a pumpkin, more beans and more tomatoes.

choosing what to plant

Georgia planting carrots

Georgia loves gardening (Her name means: "Tiller of the Earth")

We are waiting to have the yard around the house filled in with topsoil (from the original excavation) so we can ‘dig’ into our new garden. I would like a traditional cottage garden, resplendent with various blooms, herbs and veges, and a white path meandering about the place, ending up at a little cove, where I will have a bench so I can sit in the sunshine with a pot of tea. Ahhhh. To dream. Lots of work to do until then!

BTW the goats are otherwise contained and cannot actually get into this garden, unless they escape, and they better not, or else!