Elora Jane Yvonne

Elora, 5 days old

Welcome to the world, little Elora Jane Yvonne, born October 4th, 2010 at 6:10pm. Weight = 7lb 14oz or 3575g. Length = 51cm. HC =  32.5cm

The name “Elora” is a form of Eleanor. It is of Greek origin and means “Sunlight” and Elora is our “Little Ray of Sunshine.” Her middle names come from mine (Jane) and she is also named after my dad’s mother, Yvonne Turner.

Going into hospital, feeling happy and confident!

The birth was a good one, although the induction was delayed due to an emergency in the hospital. Overall the induction process was much fiercer and faster the third time around. I look back and I think that I was very blessed with such a good experience again. I was relaxed and happy, and sucking on the gas and the water from the shower helped (I wonder how I had the first two babies with no drugs). The moment she was born into my arms was incredible. I couldn’t quite believe it though because it was so quick, and she was so alert and she kept looking at me and AH!

Elora, moments after birth

Me and Elora

Daddy and Elora’s first cuddle

We had quite a few hours (3) bonding with Elora before returning to the ward. I couldn’t wait too long before phoning Georgia to tell her that she had a baby sister! At 6:45 we told her the news. There were tears of joy, from Georgia’s delight, our delight at Georgia’s delight, my parents’ delight at everybody’s delight and dad’s joy that his mother has been remembered. We phoned Monte’s parents and then spread the exciting news with texts on the phone and a quick posting to facebook.

Elora, one day old

In hospital, Elora slept well and fed well and I got enough rest. She made endearing squeaking noises and I spent a lot of time simply gazing at her and stroking her, and smelling her! That beautiful new-baby smell that seems to fade all to quickly. I had a quiet time and it was different to being back in Adelaide when my brothers and sisters and my in-laws visited me. I did not feel lonely, but we are longing to introduce our new baby to our families!

Matty and Georgia’s first cuddle

Matthew was rapt when he met Elora, exclaiming excitedly, “He comed out! He comed out of your tummy! I love you baby!” His eyes were wide and he was visibly so stoked with the baby. He kept caressing her, saying “Tickle tickle tickle.” He is very gentle with his baby sister. He is the perfect big brother. Today he told me: “The baby came out of your tummy but your tummy is actually still a bit big!” Hmm. Well it is getting smaller (I wore non-maternity jeans and top yesterday!).

Matty and Georgie with Elora

Georgia was so stoked to have a baby sister, and cooed in a lovely song-voice about loving her. You can just see the love ooze out of her when she is holding Elora, and I can imagine the relationships the children will have as they grow together.

Day 1: Our first family photos

Leaving hospital with my precious baby bundle. Very happy.

Bringing a new baby home is always exciting and relieving. There is such joy at placing the baby in his/her bed for the first time, putting your feet up and having a cup of tea (in our case, a glass of Bollinger, but that’s another post). But to bring your new baby back home to the home that you have built yourselves is the ultimate joy. Monte has been beside himself with pride. He made the house, we made the baby and here we are: a new chapter for our family.

Home at Fangorn Farm with the new addition

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  1. Rachel Pillar
    Rachel Pillar October 16, 2010 at 11:06 pm |

    I feel all goose bumpy and teary after reading these new posts! It is such a special time and one that becomes ingrained in your memory and soul! Congratulations! She truly is beautiful and your whole family is quite divine! Much love!

  2. Elly Wright
    Elly Wright October 13, 2010 at 10:50 am |

    Congrats Becky and Monte!! Another stunning specimen to add to the fams. My goodness you people do breed good looking babies!!! She is just perfect!

  3. Tory Toogood
    Tory Toogood October 12, 2010 at 11:08 pm |

    beautiful girl!!!!

  4. Katherine Reynolds
    Katherine Reynolds October 12, 2010 at 10:14 pm |

    Congratulations, Rebecca and family. It’s wonderful to read about you meeting your daughter for the first time.

  5. Marie Kenny
    Marie Kenny October 12, 2010 at 8:58 pm |

    Such a beautiful blog Rebecca, I am so happy for you all xo

  6. Susannah Lush
    Susannah Lush October 12, 2010 at 7:54 pm |

    Awesome stuff!

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