Crochet pram blanket

Pram blanket/rug

Using a 10-ply yarn (I used Cupcake from Spotlight),  ch 69. Each row is 1 htr in each ch/htr, remembering to make 2 turning ch at the end of each row. You can change colours every 2 rows (cut off ends and secure later) or crochet in one colour, or two (you could try just carrying the yarn over to next row).

Very very easy. This took me a few Sunday nights when I was watching ‘Offpsring’ and ‘Married Single Other.’

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  1. Rebecca Goulding
    Rebecca Goulding September 6, 2010 at 6:49 pm |

    You’ve been blogging about crocheting baby blankets??? I think you need to check wordbooker.

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