Knitting – baby hats

[See also a more detailed baby hat pattern:‘Charlotte’s Hat’]

A month ago I had some time off work because of high blood pressure. It was good to have a rest; it was great to get back into knitting.

And I’m happy to report that since having a week in bed, and getting back into my yarn crafts, my blood pressure has been “excellent!”

Among other things, I’ve been making baby hats. I love making baby hats because I can knit one up in a day. I like projects that are over and done with quickly (hats, bootees, headbands, anything crocheted). I’ll work on that though; my plan is to make some jumpers and blankets for my family members.

Here are some hats that I’ve made:

These hats were made with straight needles. I’ve recently learned how to use a set of needles but there are no photos of those yet.

For a 4 ply baby hat (blue and red), basically cast on 90 stitches with 2.75mm needles and work the brim (eg in 1:1 rib, 2:2 rib, moss stitch or garter stitch) for 5 cm.

Then work in stocking stitch with 3.25mm needles, until work measures 13cm.

Then decrease for the crown by k2tog, k8 along the row | purl | k2tog, k7 along the row| purl | k2tog, k6 along the row | purl | etc until you have k2tog for an entire row.

Purl the last row, then cut yarn so there is 15cm for sewing up. Thread needle through the stitches, draw up and secure.

To make a tip at the top of the beanie, continue to knit the remaining 9 stitches on 2 dp needles for several rows. Sew up.

For sewing up baby items I tend to use whip stitch rather than mattress stitch, which can be bulky. Catch the last stitch from each end of the knitted fabric and the seam will be quite flat. I learned that from my mum. She’s a rockstar of a knitter.

For an 8 ply beanie (green and striped), cast on 62 stitches with 3.25mm needles.

Work the brim for 5cm

Change to 4mm needles and work in stocking stitch until work measures 10-13 cm.

Decrease for the crown as above, starting with k2tog, k7 for the entire row/ purl; etc

If you’d like more detailed copies of the 4 ply hats (blue and red) and the 8 ply hats (green and striped), contact me at rebecca[at]fangornfarm[dot]com.

I made the blue hat for baby Oisin:

Baby Oisin (5/8/2010) wearing his blue hat