I’ve been spending a lot of time in our kitchen lately. Just to have a lovely kitchen is such a special treat for me, after living in the cabin, without power, for over two years. To have big benches and electricity and a beautiful stove and handy appliances (eg toaster, coffee machine) is just such a joy that I will never again take for granted. Most of the time I am cooking or cleaning in the kitchen (surprise) but I also tend to potter about in my enormous pantry, making labels for jars of things or rearranging pots and bottles and tins and herbs etc. (Nesting. Moving in etc.)

Our Fangorn Kitchen is the third kitchen that we’ve made ourselves, after renovating two houses. Over the years we came to understand our needs for the kitchen. Here are some of our requirements, built on over the years:

  • large temperature-controlled pantry room
  • lots of natural light
  • benches and cupboards that are easy to clean
  • light colours to reflect light and look clean
  • kitchen decor that can be changed and upgraded without too much cost
  • limited colour scheme, so that we can “add splashes of colour with furnishings and decorations”
  • big benches, primarily the main bench, which can be used as a multi-purpose ‘table’
  • a good view from a large sink
  • large drawers, where possible, not cupboards, so we do not have to get to low to get things out
  • limited corner-cupboards (we managed to only have one)
  • a dishwasher that is no more than a step away from any part of the kitchen, to make stacking and unpacking easier (great time-saver)

What I love to do is gaze out at the view from the sink, whether I am washing dishes or having a drink. I lose myself in the view of the valley. It is ever-changing and I always appreciate it. I also love to work on the large bench, overlooking the children playing in the living room; or checking what is on tv;  or watching the sunshine bathe the dining table that was once my great-grandmother’s. I suppose I am doing a lot of gazing at the moment; a kind of pregnant lady stupour that comes with kneading scone dough or beating the hell out of a teacake mixture.

So, I am grateful for my kitchen. I like the benchtops, which we managed to choose even when I couldn’t concentrate well because I felt so sick with morning sickness. I like the glossy cupboards because their modernness juxtaposes with the rustic charm of the fat strawbale walls. I like the pot drawers, which save breaking my back. But my favourite part is the pantry. It is wonderful to have visual access to our foodstuff and other stuff. And I recently noticed a new purpose for the cooled pantry room: one can hide in there, nibbling away at their secret stash of lollies without feeling like one has to share. Hee hee.

Not very recent pics of the kitchen (above), and also ones I’ve already posted (apologies).

Still very very grateful for my lovely house. It makes me happy. Thank you Monte.