Arriving at Fangorn Farm

Possibly the best picture I have ever taken. Matthew is a real country feller in his overalls, with his trusty companion d’Artagnan.

When we arrived at the property, the first thing we did was walk the top perimeter. That’s everybody, including the cat.
It was Monte’s birthday the day we arrived. We celebrated midnight with a cake and some Moet! And yes, Georgia did stay up late.

Monte is building a power station. Here, the children are thinking that it is a cubby house, but in actual fact, their cubbyhouse will be down in the next paddock, under (or in) a 150 year-old blackwood tree!
This is me on the day we arrived. I am standing in front of my very own forest. It is divine.We are thrilled that we sold our house at the price we wanted at auction last weekend. We are looking forward to getting things moving with the building of our new house. I’m sure it will take time!

Life is good. We are very happy. In a moment we will go for a little drive in the country. It’s all so relaxing and peaceful here, although cows are quite noisy!