7 months

Wow! Seven months already!

Sarah has been sitting on her own for 2 months or so, and she loves sitting up to play with her toys. This week I removed the toy arch from one of her play mats. She has grown out of it. Such is life. 

She loves noisy toys, and she will scoot over so she can play with the noisiest toys she can find. 

She loves eating toast. She especially loves licking avocado off her toast and throwing the toast on the floor. 

It did not take Jac very long to remember that if he stands under the high chair and watches the floor, food will rain down on him. 

Sarah much prefers to feed herself than be fed with a spoon. This works for most foods, but not yogurt, which is one of her favourites. She loves meat and sticks of carrot and brocolli. She does not like porridge. 

Sarah still cries when we put her into her carseat. She stops crying as soon as we start the car. 

She loves to sleep on her side. She sleeps in our bed. 

Sarah does but like sleep. She prefers cuddles, milk and playing. 

I’m exhausted. But I’m very happy. But I often think it’d be nice if someone could look after her for an hour or two so I could get some stuff done. 

Sarah is very chatty. She says mum, dad and hi. She yabbers on a lot and ‘sings’ with us. She is learning to wave and clap. 

She does not like being left alone. She cries if she sees me walk away. I carry her around a lot and we sit and cuddle a lot. There is no doubt she’s a mummy’s girl!