Bruny Island

We went to beautiful Bruny Island with  Sarah, Russell, Isaac, Lily, Pauline, Denys, Ben, Milly and Harry. 

It’s such a wonderful place. 

We bought cheese at the Bruny Island Cheese Co – the only cheese factory that is licensed to make unpasteurised cheese. 


We went to The Neck, where we climbed the steps to look out and drank in the amazing view. The children frolicked on the beach whilst the dads went fishing. Matthew got saturated in the big waves. 


View from the lookout


View from the carpark 

We had a picnic at Adventure Bay. We stayed there for a long time, eating cheese and dips and a sausage sizzle. I drank lots of tea. The children played on the beach and in the playground nearby. I can’t express how divine it all was. We were all so happy.  


We drove back the the ferry late in the afternoon, after stopping by at the chocolate factory and then the whiskey and smokehouse (Bish). 

It turned out we missed both the morning and evening ferries. We just got there a fraction too late, which meant we had to wait an hour before each ferry. On the way over we drank coffee whilst the kids ran around the cars. On the way home we played on the docks. It was a lot of fun actually! 

The view on the way back to Kettering was stunning. There were some forestry burnoffs happening, which made the sky turn a range of brilliant orange and pinks. 



It was a wonderful day. We finished it off nicely with a dinner at the Lady Franklin.