3 months!

Of course we think Sarah is AMAZING!  I mean, look at those cheeks and those squishy arms!?

We even have a routine. Or something resembling a routine. Sarah wakes around 6am, give or take an hour. She has a feed, a play, and then a really long sleep until midday. 

After her midday feed and a longer play, she had a sleep. If we’re lucky and she doesn’t get woken up by her siblings, Sarah has another good long sleep. I find that if she has a good long afternoon nap, she’ll sleep through the night. If she doesn’t, the rest of the day is more challenging, with more crying, feeding, settling – and a more hectic evening ‘arsenic hour’ (or hours). 

Sarah adores her siblings. They are always coming up to her for singing, dancing, chatting, stories and cuddles (even, sometimes, if she’s asleep!). With all this stimulation, Sarah is learning a lot of sounds. She’s a very chatty, smily and giggly baby. We have little conversations with her, during which she copies our sounds and facial expressions. We have another talker, methinks!

Of course I’m loving feeding my baby. I seem to be feeding her all the time. If she’s unsettled I often carry her in our wrap or carrier. She likes it, especially the wrap, which holds her snug and close. It’s hard to do some jobs when I’m ‘wearing’ her, but we get by. 

I must confess that I could lie next to her for hours, just chatting and playing with her. It’s for this reason that the days when the other children are at school are special. Having the time to get to know my baby like that are so precious and I’m grateful for having that time with all our babies. 

Sarah facts:

Eyes: blue

Hair: strawberry blonde

Her eyebrows and eyelashes are fair 

Sarah is still wearing size 000 but it’s a snug fit now, and I prefer to dress her in 00 

Sarah prefers to sleep on her front, so I put her on her tummy during the day and check on her 6743 times (or just sit next to her and cuddle)

She has recently had her first cold. She has been toughing it out. 

She’s quite possibly the most spewy baby ever. She goes through 6 spew towels (terry squares) a day. I go through 2-3 t shirts and she goes through 3-4 outfit changes. Thankfully she’s growing. A lot. 

She smiles at her toys and books. Like, really big gummy smiles. 

She mostly wears hand me downs from Elora, although I recently bought her a few new suits due to this spew business. I like to buy gender neutral clothes because I think girls look cute in boys clothes, but I’m not going to dress her in cars and trucks. 

I am making a blanket for her, which I hope to finish before she moves into her cot. It’s a beautiful berry pink. 

She is still in her bassinette because the Emmaljunger pram we use has an extra big bassinette. I’m not keen for her to move into another room once she grows out of this bassinette. She currently sleeps right next to me. Our cot is too big to fit into our bedroom so I’m looking into getting a smaller cot and setting it up like a sidecar. 

People say she looks like Georgia and I agree, although she reminds me of all our babies. They all look so similar. They’re all just too beautiful!