34 weeks


There’s not long until I give birth to this precious baby. This pregnancy has been the best ever, and the quickest ever! I’m so grateful for that. This pregnancy has also brought so much healing to my family and me.

Physically I feel pretty enormous and uncomfortable right now, which is pretty standard. I’m tired a lot of the time and I get plenty of opportunities to rest, thankfully. I also have moments of lots of energy. It’s during those times that I get a lot if housework done.

Emotionally I have been feeling great this pregnancy. However, as I edge closer to the due date I’m finding myself feeling much more anxious. I try to focus on positive things and realistic outcomes. I tend to preoccupy myself with things like getting ready for Christmas now, so I’m not too stressed and busy after this baby is born. My children and the housework keep me busy. I like to cook if I can stay on my feet that long!

Baby this week measured about 2.6kg, which is almost 6lbs. I think she’ll be well over 3kg when she’s born at 36 weeks. I do not grow small babies! I can feel that she’s getting bigger and stronger too.

Everybody in the family is getting excited. Monte and the children always want to cuddle my belly and talk or sing to the baby! They’re also all being very helpful, doing things like picking stuff up from the floor so I don’t have to bend over!

I have organised baby clothes into groups of sizes. I did a big sort through and gave away a car boot load of kids’ clothes in sizes 000-2. It felt great doing that! Other than that I have not done much to prepare for baby. I need to wash little clothes and wraps; pack my labour and hospital bags; set up the bassinette and organise how and where to change nappies because I don’t think we’ll be using a change table this time. I’ve got loads of cloth nappies waiting to be weed and pooed in. I’ve got cloth wipes but I want to make more, eventually. I’ll get there.

So, we’re just waiting.