Charlotte’s Hat

I had planned to make Charlotte a hat before she was born – something for her to wear when we brought her home. Something pink, because I had not knitted her anything pink. But I never made it in time. And instead, after her birth, I knitted this hat with my mother. Something for my precious baby to wear as she went home to her happy eternal place.


I kind of made up the pattern as we went along but it’s just a standard beanie. Please feel free to make some, especially for charity.

Charlotte’s Hat

you need:
Pair 4mm needles or short circular needle
8 ply yarn
Darning needle

To fit head 33cm circumference

Cast on 56 stitches
Knit in stocking stitch until work measures 10cm, ending with purl row
*K2tog k 5* rep from * to *
*K2tog, k 4* rep from * to *
*K2tog, k 3* rep from * to *
*K2tog, k 2* rep from * to *
*K2tog, k 1* rep from * to *
Draw yarn through all stitches and pull together. Secure carefully.
Sew seam and darn in ends.

Please send happy thoughts to all the precious angel babies and their families if you make this hat :)


Our perfect angel, for ever.