28+ weeks

I’m excited. I am happy. I am dreaming of our new little one and cannot wait to hold our baby in my arms and see Monte’s eyes water at the sight and sounds and smells of our newest child. I am happily crocheting a blanket and I feel it’s snuggliness and imagine wrapping up the little one in there.

But yuck. Aside from the awe I feel at each kick and roll, despite enjoying feeling each movement in the knowledge this is my last pregnancy, I am feeling rather pleased this is my last pregnancy! It is not a bad pregnancy, but it’s not an easy one. I put it down to the fact that I am too old for this now, even my doctor says so! And this is my fourth baby. My body feels tired.

Baby’s head is settling very low in my pelvis. For some reason all our babies have begun to ‘engage’ around 27-28 weeks and this one is no different. It is uncomfortable. It makes me slow and I waddle everywhere. It’s ok though, really because it is good if baby gets into a good position for the birth. It does not make it easy for the sonographers to measure the MCA pulse though. That’s the testing I have through ultrasound due to the antibodies in my system. During the scans the sonographer presses very hard on my lower belly and I have to hold my breath so they can measure the velocity of the blood flow in the tiny MCA (middle cerebral artery) in our baby’s brain. So far, baby is really healthy! Growing a lot, moving a lot, with no signs of stress and no signs of being affected by the antibodies.

I find work difficult and I keep thinking about finishing up a bit early rather than pushing through for another month. I want to potter about at my own deliciously slow pace, being around for my family and keeping things in something that resembles order and routine…

I’m happy and excited. I am sore and tired.