It’s busy, isn’t it?


Kids. It is so good to be back home with them. They are so much fun. I could write for hours about how much joy and entertainment they bring me. My favourite thing is to be with them.


Work. I’ve been out and about a lot for work lately. And as much as I feel work takes too much of my time and energy, I actually love my job (and my new role, working with special needs kids), and I am glad to be a professional who can use her mind and creativity to earn a living. This week I have more professional learning and I am taking a group of students to participate in the Special Olympics.




Farm. Such a slow pace on the farm. Not much is growing, apart from some green manure crops and some onions and silverbeet. Soon we will plant more and get more gardens ready for spring planting. Soon we will build that poly tunnel that has been on the agenda for two years. There is a ram in with the sheep. We lost a sheep. I mean lost. We gained four stray sheep. We just have to work out how to enclose them. The cows are fat. Daisy and Bessie are growing and we are wondering when to get a bull onto Bella without interfering with the young Bessie and Daisy.


House. It has been painted, inside and out. I love the white woodwork! And our doors look quite striking in elegant black. More little jobs are being done, like touching up the windowsills and soon the paving will be done. The front yard is getting a new dose of mulch before more spring plantings of flowers and maybe more fruit trees.



Me. Yep, I still manage to make some time for me, even though it is always at night, when the children are all abed. Right now I am spending a lot of time poring over our holiday photos, as well as knitting. In the evenings, monte sits beside me, working away at his laptop, and I snuggle into him and watch shows like ‘Spartacus’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Monty Python.’


You are likely to find me cooking at my woodstove, with delicious (or burnt) smells filling the house, or cleaning up things, or dancing with my babies or flopping on my couch, covered with a blanket and sipping a hot cup of tea.


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  1. Emma
    Emma June 16, 2013 at 10:22 pm |

    Lovely blog, Rebecca, welcome back from your trip!

    There is a lovely pic of you and Elora walking in the bush. What is the carrier that Elora is in? I have been looking for one for older children so we can go walking with Jemima. She is going really well with her walking but her splint and lack of good balance makes it hard for her on uneven ground and so I thought she might like the option of being carried. Would like to know if you would recommend the one you have?

    Thanks, Emma x

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