April 15-21

The weeks are going by so quickly now. The days are shorter, the nights are much darker and longer and our home currently smells of woodsmoke, soup and paint.

I am relieved to be on holidays with the children. I am relieved that Tasmania changed to a four-term school year. I am excited to have one of my bestest friends in all the world and her two children over here to stay for a week. I am sad that Elora is sick with a temperature. I am excited to be having the house painted.


15/3: she slept in my arms during my morning cuppa
16/4: painting commenced
17/4: reading and snuggling with my youngest two
18/4: Jac was sweet and gentle and cuddly all day (nothing new!)
19/4: doing a spot of baking with Elora
20/4: pizza night with Mandy and the kids
21/4: cooking a big dinner for the gang