April 8-14


8/4: swimming lessons mean happy kids
9/4: I love watching ‘Arrow’
10/4: the children began working on a construction set we bought in Melbourne.
11/4: Elora is dressing herself. She has style.
12/4: I made perfect bread rolls. If I do say so myself.
13/4: Georgie and Milly, a friend she has had since she was born, had fun dressing up
14/4: I took the (4) kids to the shops. Matty bought himself a toy with some money he had been saving. He was so brave and happy and nervous. It was a special moment. I felt proud.

This week seems to have gone so quickly! We have all been a bit tired since our Melbourne trip because we had to launch into work and school as soon as we came back. Also, it is the end of term for the children and me, so we are ready for holidays! Just one more week to go!