Getting ready…

I love being on holidays. I love the slower pace. I love having the children home and I love listening to them play. I love playing with them too, and talking to them about their games, friends, plans and dreams. I love not having to do the morning rush with school uniforms, lunches and the panic rush to get out of the door on time.

I am loving being on holidays. We have had such adventures. We have had so much fun. I have been madly organising and decluttering our house; I have also had lots of time to relax and I feel mostly refreshed (as much as one can feel refreshed with three young children to care for!).

I do not want the holidays to end. I feel anxious about starting a new year of work. I am beginning a new role, and although I have had a support teaching role like this before, this time it is going to be a bit more involved. I will be running meetings and attending meetings and it sounds like I have to think harder and be smarter; I am worried that I will be too tired to be right on my game at work. I get so tired at home, with all the duties involved in running a home and raising a family.

So whilst I am feeling the anxiety about my return to work after such a lovely, long break, I am making lists of things I need to do to be prepared. Some of them I have already done, like tackling and organising my new desk at work, and I am in the process of organising our home so everything has its place, making my life as a working mother run a bit more smoothly. I’m also referring back to the post I wrote about how we manage with our busy workload and busy family life. We have managed before, so I am positive that we will manage this year as well.

Some things on my list are :
:: bake lunchbox treats and freeze them
:: make two loaves of sandwiches and freeze them
:: take some pretty and inspiring things into my office so it looks less like this:


– and more like this: (source ):


:: make a list of ten work goals for 2013
:: plan some easy meals for the nights I work, like slow cooker and pressure cooker meals
:: make a section in my wardrobe for work outfits
:: be completely organised with my clothing by organising work outfits and taking photos of them and keeping an album of my work attire on my iPad, so I can refer to it in the morning when my head is too foggy to by stylish (whilst this is a great idea, I will never have time to do it!)
:: start getting up earlier tomorrow so the early start on work days is not such a shock (my holiday mornings have been long and lazy!)
:: label all the kids’ school books and stationery
:: ensure school uniforms are all neat and clean
:: polish school shoes and any other shoes

Seems like a lot to do for somebody who works just three days a week (three days a week is plenty!).

Wish me luck!