January 14-19


1: (14/1) Georgie helps me more than she knows. Here she is, helping me make dinner
2: (15/1) taking my two big kids out for a special morning tea. I firmly believe that caramel slice is the best sweet ever.
3: (16/1) to have my children singing that I am the best chef in the world (and I only made them tuna pasta!)
4: (17/1) Georgie made a cake for us all. How delicious!
5: (18/1) we had our first taste of Mr T tonight (scotch fillet steak). Succulent and delicious and perfectly cooked by Monte. Yum! We managed to fit the entire beast in our freezer and we look forward to more tasty meals throughout the year to come! Thank you, Mr T!


19/1: it was just Elora and me when monte took the other kids camping. We did lots of fun things together, including drawing. Ellie loves drawing, and she loves to lie on the floor when she is drawing. She kept asking me to draw members of our family, page after page. It was adorable.