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  1. katie
    katie January 25, 2013 at 11:12 pm |

    Hi Becky,
    Another writer friend and I have felt the same way re. inspiration. Since late last year we’ve gone into a kind of hibernation that neither of us are really accustomed to. I think we are genuinely affected by what’s going on far beyond what we can see – apparently, whatever that is, it’s requiring that we have some down time (frankly, I need it).
    Reading your posts is making me feel much inspired about the job ahead of me with my house. I want very similar things to you :) I love my view too.
    When you refer to ‘Nana’ I guess you are referring to your mum’s mum and not our Nanna? I just can’t picture Nanna T appliqueing little girls onto anything. Using the microwave, sure. Rationing lollies, sure. Watching Woofie Goldburger or Shirley Temple movies, sure.. but was she crafty? You’d know better than me :)
    Keep it up,
    Kt xx

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