23/12/12: we spent a day with our children’s cousins. It was fantastic.


22/12/12: we travelled to Adelaide, to spend Christmas with family and friends.


21/12/12: I finished these Santa sacks, thanks to the three excited, energetic children who allowed mummy some ‘me’ time.


20/12/12: we went to the EOY Mass at Georgie and Matthew’s school. It was good.


19/12/12: I am on summer holidays for 7 weeks! Tonight I watched my two boys looking at and discussing the current mitre 10 catalogue, talking about what things would be cool to have etc. Kinda made my heart melt!


18/12/12: tomorrow is my last day of work until February! I can’t wait until summer holidays with the children. I’ve had a good year of teaching and I look forward to a new challenge in 2013. I spent the evening preparing some cards and gifts for my students.


17/12/12: I came home late from work and my dinner was literally on the table, waiting for me, with my family sitting around and greeting me with warm smiles. Thank you, lovely Monte!