The End


I remember writing this post like it was yesterday – or last month.

We have come to the end of another year! Each time I think about how fast time flies and how much older I am getting, I panic a little. Do you reflect a lot? I do. I have been thinking about my New Years resolutions of this year. I remember when 2012 rolled in. We were sitting around the fire, surrounded by wonderful friends, good music and lots of laughter. The children waved sparklers around and adults chatted happily. I remember feeling really happy, and really excited about a new year, in our house, so close to completion, with a new job too.

It has been a good year. How did I go with my resolutions?

I resolved not to buy wine, chips or chocolate. Look, I’ve failed miserably on all accounts here. I set my goal too high. Of course I have bought all these things but I will tell you something. I so rarely consume any of these things now. Wine, hardly ever. Chips, only at kids’ parties. Chocolate – very very rarely!

I resolved to read quality fiction daily. Fail. I read ‘fifty shades of grey’ so that alone means I have failed. I don’t read much fiction at all, but I read and write daily.

Weight. I don’t want to talk about it. It is such hard work!

House. Fail. It is not officially completed. We need to get the perimeter paved. I forgive monte for taking so long to get this job done. He is running a business and business is booming and he is working a lot. Hopefully it won’t be too long until we can pop that bottle of champagne and yell ‘it is finished!’ into the valley.

Writing. Yes. I write every day. Win!

Making rather than buying. Well, clothes, not so much. I did not sew as much as I wanted to because I ended up working more than I had intended to, but I am getting into gardening and we have been growing a lot of our own food, particularly beef, eggs, lettuce, onions and potatoes, with lots of berries and other fruit and some other vegetables that we will be harvesting next year and beyond!

Blankets. Yarn stash. Fail! I still have a yarn stash that is calling me. I really need to dive in and knit/crochet. Maybe next year!

Travel. Not overseas this year, but interstate, yes.

My 365 photo project is something that I am so grateful for! At the time I post my photos I feel like a bit of a nutter but as I look over my year of photos – WOW!

Painting fingernails and being a sexy mama. Bahahahahaha! That’s funny.

And that was it.