Evening cow herding


We are loving the longer days. It was fun eating dinner on the deck and then going into the paddocks to move Bessie. Somehow, Mr T had escaped out of the top paddock, so we moved Bessie into a new paddock with Mr T. It was a family affair, and Georgia was very helpful, carrying the bucket of cow pellets and calling for Bessie.


Elora was very helpful as well. She called for Bessie and waved at her. It was so cute! Monte thinks she is the bees knees!


We were really pleased the Bessie liked the cow pellets. Until now, she has not been interested in them. She was easy to move because she just followed the bucket of pellets, and was rewarded with a few mouthfuls. Monte coaxed her under the electric fence, which was helped up by the darling Georgia, whose name means ‘Farmer!’


Mr T was pleased to have his friend back. They mooed at eachother affectionately. We know that we will have to get more friends for Bessie before we have Mr T slaughtered. They certainly are herd animals and they seem to really care for eachother.


So, it was a really interesting way to spend our evening after our dinner. The children loved it and we reckon that roaming around the paddocks in the fresh air, calling cows and watching the new sheep is much better for our children than sitting watching tv or whatever kids do these days. Afterwards they were bathed and put to bed with no fuss at all.

It’s just too good!