A day out

We went out on the weekend, whilst Georgie was at a party. No big deal, just an outing to buy plants and do some shopping and go for a bit of a drive. It was a superb day; blue cloudless skies, sunshine and warm temperatures all day.

Matthew wanted to look at Sleeping Beauty, so we did. The mountains are shaped like Sleeping Beauty and the children always love to point out Sleeping Beauty when we are driving. In the photos you can see some snow on Sleeping Beauty’s face.




Matthew liked reading the information board about Sleeping Beauty!


Such a beautiful place.



We went shopping. We bought some plants. We bought some more laurustinus for our garden, to screen the garden shed at the side of the house. It’s so pretty, and one of my favourites. When i was a child I called them ‘cauliflower trees.’ They can grow really big, so it will be quite a shady feature in the garden.


Snack time! She’s so cute.


Shopping time! Those mini trolleys are the best, aren’t they!

And then we went for a drive along the coast, where the sky and waters were clear and blue and so very pretty!




That was our day out. It was nice, chatting away, snacking on fruit in the car after a shopping spree.