18/6/12 – 24/6/12


24/6/12: one of the reasons I started doing this photo journal in the first place was to try to see the positives in each day – even the crap ones. I’ve had such a difficult day that I don’t even know if I had a positive moment. I saw a beautiful rainbow in the valley. No photo. There was a handsome robin on the deck rail. No photo. We ventured out in the garden to plant some raspberries but it began pouring with rain on us. Monte stayed in the rain to finish planting but I came inside and baked my second batch of muffins for the day. I took a photo of the rain drops in our pond. Because sometimes it doesn’t just rain – it pours. And that’s ok.


23/6/12: Elora came out to do some gardening with us. She stomped around in the puddles. We planted more daisies, lavenders, azaleas and herbs, as well as 9 more fruit trees – all in the front garden.


22/6/12: one of the supermarket giants has begun delivering groceries to our area! we had our groceries delivered to our door tonight. We had access to a big supermarket (which is nearly an hour away from our home) at a very minimal delivery fee. There’s no turning back for me; I’ve been wanting online grocery shopping for 4 1/2 years!


21/6/12: winter solstice! I left for work when it was dark and came home when it was dark. We watched the pretty sunset and burned candles.


20/6/12: my drive to work was particularly beautiful. Although it was still quite dark, the sky was golden and the shine on the water was captivating.


19/6/12: I had a good day at work. I love my job. I was doing yard duty on this particularly nice (very cold) winter morning and I felt really happy. I was missing my children, however, and I was thinking of hugging them tight. It’s tough, balancing career and family.


18/6/12: I went to the supermarket. I loathe supermarket shopping, especially after work. I was tired and hungry but I resisted the urge to buy any junk food whatsoever. I’m trying hard to eat healthily and I felt proud of myself. Today marks over two weeks of NO CHOCOLATE!