13/5/12: Mothers Day. I sat under a blanket in the sun, knitting, while Elora slept and the others played quietly. Monte read next to me. I had a cup of tea beside me and Lindt chocolates on my lap. What a blissful moment or three.


12/5/12: nothing beats staying home on a blustery, cold, wet, soggy day and standing by the wood stove for several hours, cooking. We made soups and corned beef for dinner. Georgia made this banana cake and we ate some for dessert! Yum! Clever girl!


11/5/12: sipping sav blanc in the kitchen whilst my lovely husband cooks beer battered fish for our dinner, with his trusty companion Jacopo at his feet. A lovely way to end a busy week.


10/5/12: I purchased this Sportscraft dress online. I can’t wait to get it in the post.


9/5/12: cross country at school. I had the pleasure of standing in the sun, cheering on the students. I love my job.


8/5/12: My cleaner cleaned my house whilst I was at work and I came home to a lovely clean and tidy home. She even ran the kettle so it was warm on my return.


7/5/12: Monte and his daughters. One is quietly and calmly listening to the story. The other one is wriggling and chatting away merrily. In fact, she never stops chatting. I’ll leave you wondering who’s who. I’m sure you’ll work it out!