Social Networking


I reactivated my Facebook account a few days ago.

Somebody asked me why. It got me thinking. Why, after 4 months sans Facebook, did I want to return? Why, after 4 months, only hacking into Monte’s account twice (and being a bit disinterested), did I want to return? Why, after not missing Facebook at all in 4 months, did I want to go back?

The answer is this. It’s the 21st century. I have great friends and I’ve missed them. Facebook is apparently the easiest way to be in contact with people (I think that’s a bit sad.)

The other reason is so I can say: ‘back by popular demand!’ You missed me too!

Seriously though, I totally want to avoid social networking. What I don’t want to avoid though, is my friends and family. If that’s how I can be in contact, then so be it.

I’m a teacher. I have to keep in touch with the way the world is moving. Like it or not, we are so close to having a computer chip in our skulls (mine is in the form of an iPhone, which I use for everything, and pretty much have it glued to my palm at all times). I don’t want to miss out on the social shift. I need to know what’s happening and I have to know how information is shared.

I have a twitter account that I don’t use. I opened a Pinterest account (after having to request an invite then go on a waiting list [how exclusive – if that doesn’t whet your appetite, what will?]). I can’t see myself getting into Pinterest. Mostly out of self preservation: I could get too swept in. I have an instagram account because I’m slightly addicted to photo apps. I downloaded it last year and it turns out to be a photo sharing app. It can be interesting. It can be boring. I can’t decide if I like this social networking stuff because I’m trying to avoid it, not enjoy it.

I’m too busy for this cyber space existence. Or is that the point? We’re all busy. Keeping social on planet www is meant to keep us sane?

Yet I read blogs. I write my blog. I love my blog. I loved going back to adelaide and catching up with people. You read my blog! I love it that you read my blog. The thing I love most about my blog is looking back on it and reflecting. Now my two bigger kids are reading, they read it and enjoy it too!