Forestry burn-off

It’s that time of year again. Autumn. And it means that forestry Tasmania is doing its burn-offs.


This was what we were faced with on our way home this evening. At first I was thinking how red the clouds were, for there were some pretty clouds and the sunlight was playing on them nicely. However, this smoke cloud differs s from clouds. It is dirty. It moves quickly. It smells. It is red. Sometimes it makes the sun glow dark orange. It bathes our district in eerie light.

Lately I have heard the work going on in the forests nearby. It seems that machinery runs practically 24/7. We step out our door and we can hear the rumbling in the distance. Now it appears that perhaps their work is done and they are burning the remains on the forest.

How do I feel about forestry? I can see how much we need the industry here, where I live. I see how the environment is impacted: plantations are replenished. I think of forestry as farming (for isn’t that what it is?). Crops are sewn. They grow. They are harvested. They are restored, whilst boosting the economy.

I have different attitudes about the red clouds we see in these parts in autumn.