19 years


The earliest photo I have of us together, National rowing championships, Queensland, April 1993 (I pinched this photo from a display in my school hall when I was in grade 11!)


us, now, 19 years later

If somebody told me that in 6-and-a-half years our Georgia would be meeting the boy she would marry, I would feel a bit sick. Fifteen is pretty young.

I remember meeting monte at a schools rowing party on March 27, 1993. I was in grade 11 and he was in grade 12. I was 15. He was 16 (just!).

I noticed him as soon as I walked into the room. He’s such a good looking guy. He has such a lovely, handsome face. His hair was flopping around as he laughed and his shoulders were broad. He wore a green shirt (his favourite colour) and black jeans over his strong legs.

I sat next to him. I was probably giggly and flirty. I was probably loud, trying to get his attention. I was wearing black jeans and a black bodysuit. My hair was long back then – falling down to my backside. I was wearing chunky Doc Martens.

He turned to me and we talked about how crap the music was. Some East17 or something. Turns out we liked similar music. God he was handsome. And funny. Gorgeous lips and beautiful hands.

Our friends noticed us chatting and giggling. They played a trick on us. When I got up to get a drink, they took my chair away. When I came back to sit down, they laughed and dared me to sit on Monte’s lap. I did. We chatted and then we kissed!

At the end of the night, he said he did not want my phone number. I still question him about that. He said we would see eachother at the rowing championships (in Queensland) the following week, so what did we need to talk about (a bit clueless, wasn’t he?). I was pretty upset about that but I knew he liked me.

The next school day my rowing friends had taped signs all over the year 11 locker room saying ‘Bec loves Monte.’ Perhaps they were trying to tease me about him. I didn’t really care because I had met this lovely boy. I laughed about it.

My friends were all saying ‘give it a week’ and ‘it won’t last.’ I guess they were wrong :)

Monte rang me on the Tuesday. So much for not wanting my number. He hunted it down, getting it from a friend of one of my friends. The rest is history. We chatted on the phone for ages, and continued to do so until 1999, when we were married. Actually, we do *still* chat or send text messages on our phones throughout the day!

We’ve been through a lot together, basically growing up together and entering adulthood together. We still giggle like teenagers though.

May 1993

My 16th birthday

I. Am. Lucky … Very. Lucky.

(so is he)

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Mike
    Mike March 28, 2012 at 12:57 pm |

    God……. Glenda and I were that young once too!
    I just turned 60 the other week, and in my obligatory speech, I said the only thing I can still clearly remember was being young once!
    Enjoy it guys, time flies when you’re having fun…

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