A great man


I love seeing monte dote on his children. This image is so beautiful. There’s something very attractive about a man going wobbly over a little baby, especially his own baby girl.

I went out to dinner with some girlfriends last night. We drove into the city, ate a delicious meal and then drove home late at night. It was a great evening.

You know how girls’ conversations go. Invariably they turn to husbands, often with praise for our partners and sometimes with a bit of a moan. One of my friends mentioned somebody’s husband, who often buys her jewelry, perfume etc. I think that many women find such gift giving very romantic (I am no exception). I said, in a bit of a whiney tone, that monte rarely buys me such gifts. One of my friends pulled me back into line.

‘Yes but Rebecca, he built you a house! You can’t beat that. That’s the greatest thing…’

I am so glad she put me back in my box. How lucky am I to have such a wonderful husband. He is so beautiful and strong and he’s so clever as well. He has built and is building us a wonderful place to live and gives us a wonderful life. He’s so helpful, taking charge of meals and school drop-offs and pick-ups so that I can work.

My friends agreed that I was lucky to find such a man at the age of 15. In ten days we celebrate being together for 19 years. I honestly feel very lucky and very blessed to be married to monte. He is a wonderful dad and a beautiful husband who is filled with respect and adoration for me as well.

I think it’s easy to take your partner for granted. It’s easy to forget to acknowledge the great things they do and the wonderful person that they are. Montague, you’re awesome.