New years whatnots

We all do it, don’t we. Set resolutions, once the new year rolls in. I thought about mine for a while. For some reason I feel compelled to share my resolutions on my blog, in a way of etching them into stone and maybe gain encouragement and support from people who care to do that.

I started with food and drink, resolving not to buy wine, chips or chocolate. Despite having rather good will power, if these are in my house I tend to devour them. Cheese is on the same level, but I *have* to buy it all the time. One week into 2012 I bought some wine, and have consumed it, completely free of guilt. Ten days in, I bought chips, and ate them too, feeling stupid and guilty. Never again. Maybe. I am proud to say that I have not bought chocolate. I am in a mood because of it. I will survive.

I resolved to read quality fiction daily. Even just 5 minutes of my novel before bed. That is going well; I should read more, end of story. I will. I am.

I resolved to untangle myself from the cyber social using of Facebook etc. I deactivated my account and have not looked back. I’m not wasting time on other similar sites either. My brain is fully here and now in this planet and I feel grounded. My blog? Sometimes I feel as though I should stop, but then a lovely person like you encourages me to keep going, and I do like writing it, so I continue.

Weight. I have lost 20-21 kilos in the past year or so. I have gone from a 14/16 to an 8/10! Whilst I do not want to lose more, I want to maintain my weight. I know exactly what I need to do/avoid to achieve this target. I could try harder, but the scales are my friend (for now).

House. Completion. I could ramble on – god knows I do – about my house and my ravenous urge to complete it. Because then we will renovate. You know we will. We have plans. It wouldn’t be us without a sadistic urge to bash down a wall, re-do a brand new kitchen or build on a few more rooms, would it.

I would like to write each day. I need to build up to it again. My stories spill about in my head like a full glass of rich red wine, waiting to be sipped and savoured; the intoxicating result being a feeling of confident warmth.

I want to make anything that I can, rather than buy. Clothes, food, garden – whatever is possible. I’m up for a challenge.

This year I want to use up my stash of yarn in a myriad of crocheted and knitted blankets.

I want to travel. We have plans.

I’ll do my 365 project, taking photos daily and publishing them here. I started on January 1. Have you found it yet?

I want to paint my nails more. Be the sexy mama that must be in there somewhere.

There. I think that 2011 was a wonderful year. I am happy. I think 2012 will be good too. I’ve got great people by my side, with whom I can share the journey. Each day I am blessed from dawn till dusk by my adorable children, who are so happy and incredible. They are my heart, and my husband is my rock.

Happy new year xx


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  1. sj mcnicol
    sj mcnicol January 15, 2012 at 12:07 am |

    i am so glad i read your blog…
    we do miss you in the ridiculous fb world!

    so i have not had chocolate since ny eve and its KILLING me… but why oh why oh why would you attempt to go without wine??

    my ‘i cans’ for the year:

    to run a marathon
    get at least one hd at uni
    love my daughters
    spend time on a date once a month with my husband
    learn to sew

    surely they are doable

    love x

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