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Pleasant Frustrations

Err… things are slightly frustrating. The house is *so* close to being finished, yet so far from it too. It’s the little finishing touches that are taking time. Lots of people ask us when we’ll move in. Each person gets a different response, albeit with the same minor roll of the eyes and sharp blink. […]

Matty's return to childcare. Exciting!

Four additions

It’s great having power at the house now. We can listen to music and plug in lights, not to mention all the power tools that can be powered up without the noisy generator hogging the airspace! We are delighted with the return of our goats, Anna and Giddy, who have been holidaying at Craige and […]

Georgia and Lucy win pet parade at Middleton, 2008

R.I.P Lucy

Unfortunately I am reporting that our little Lucy has passed away, at the young age of two. Lucy loved chasing cars and we always knew she’d go that way, but that does not soften the blow of her passing. Listening to my daughter cry all night was heartbreaking. Our lovely 10-year-old kelpie, d’Artagnan, is also […]

Power among other treasures…

Indeedy-do – we now have power at the house. Just before Christmas, we had power connected at the cabin. Mick, the electrician, is also a farmer, so was busy cutting hay and butchering cattle, until he came over today and connected the house to the mains! Yay! Monte was listening to the radio whilst doing […]

Blowing bubbles on NYE

The stove!

The exciting new development in our build is finally moving our new stove into the kitchen! Our neighbour, Simon, drove the stove up to our house with his tractor. Our friends, PJ and Miranda came over after than, with their heavy-duty dolly, and they moved the stove into position. Weighing 350kg, it was a big […]

Sean tiling in the living area (yay)


Yes, that’s right. Painting is almost complete and now the tiles are being laid! Things are moving very quickly. Sometimes Monte and I get a bit anxious that soon we will be moving into the house! Can it really be happening? In just 2-3 hours, over 12 square metres of tiles were laid. I think […]