Elora, 4 weeks…

All dressed up for Georgia’s party

At one month

Hmmm. Last time I wanted to write a post it was to comment on Elora Jane at 3 weeks. Now she is 4 weeks old. Time flies!

How is the little darling? Elora is great. She is sleeping well at night, waking me just once in the night, which I reckon is very good for such a little baby! She is growing rapidly, and a few days ago I noticed a big change: her cheeks are chubbier and her belly is a round thing! She still wears her 0000 clothes though, and she does look very small still!

We are all loving having a little baby in the house. Thankfully, she does not cry very often and she is most content when either sleeping on her belly or having cuddles. She certainly loves snuggles! Quite an easy baby, settling well most of the time. When she is unsettled, she is easily soothed with cuddles, which nobody minds!

Argh! I just know that my writing is not fluent. I can’t construct a good sentence at all. My clauses are all in the wrong order. I know it is because my brain does literally feel fuzzy and a bit cotton-woolly. I would like to own the intelligence of an iPhone, but here I confess that I will settle for being as intelligent as a lamp post. Yet even a lamp post is intelligent, knowing when to switch on and off!

To be concise and succinct, albeit grammatically erroneous, Elora is delightful. The kids adore her more than I expected and they are wonderful with her. I am deliciously delighted with this adorable bundle that has come my way, loving each moment of her, even the fuzzy-headed-almost-blind-with-fatigue 2am nappy changes. I absolutely adore the moments we spend simply gazing into eachother’s eyes. I love it that she turns her head to hear my voice, and that a simple song or walk or soothing talk can settle her. I am overjoyed that I am her mum and that she is ours. I love having all these children following me around, even if they do go berserk in coles on a sunday…

I wouldn’t have life any other way…

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  1. Rebecca Goulding
    Rebecca Goulding November 2, 2010 at 8:51 pm |

    Yeah she’s excellent but I’m tired nonetheless! Hope you’re well suse x

  2. Susannah Lush
    Susannah Lush November 2, 2010 at 7:50 pm |

    How lovely! I hope my baby is as good a sleeper!

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